Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Morning from Adelaide

The sun is rising in Adelaide and it's going to be another perfect day. Adelaide is a beautiful city in South Australia, an hour west of Melbourne by air. I have never been anywhere where the clock is 30 minutes off the rest of the world. We reset our clocks a half hour when we landed. Adelaide is a city of a million and a half people near the Australian wine country and it has a western feel to it as seen in the architecture below.

A little photo montage of the trip before we're off to play Royal Adelaide.

Rundle Street, Adelaide

Adelaide University

The 15th hole, Kingston Heath

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

The fifth hole, New South Wales

The fourth hole, Barnbougle Dunes, Tasmania

Golf in Australia has been ridiculously good. Notice I showed only three holes. If you just judged Australia by the strength of these holes, you can get some sense of how exciting it has been to play here.

Every single place I have visited in Australia so far I have said to myself, I can move or retire here with no problem. I can see why I needed a visa to get into the country. It's so they can keep track of you and make sure you don't just stay and never go home!

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