Friday, January 6, 2006

People Who Have Played the Top 100 Golf Courses

Somebody's got to keep the unofficial list of people who have completed this difficult feat, so we've nominated ourselves to take on the task.

Thank you for those of you who have contacted me regarding additions to the list. We attempt to verify the authencity of the claim before posting the name. The year in parenthesis is the year completed.

1. Robert McCoy (1988 and again played the top 100 in 100 days in 1997!!!) of Florida *
2. Norman Klaparda (1993) of California
3. Samm Klaparda (1998) The first woman to have played all 100 **
4. Oliver (Bud) Thompson (1995) of Ohio ***
5. James Dunne III (1995) of New York
6. Rich Hoover (1997) of Pennsylvania
7. Bernie Hiller (1997) of New York
8. Mel Hughes (1999) of Colordao
9. Rod Boren (2000) of Ohio ****
10. Sunil Kappagoda (2000) of New York
11. Selwyn Herson (2004) of California
12. Alan Heuer (2004) of Connecticut
13. Leon Wentz (2005) of California
14. Randy Pace (2006) of Florida
15. Dick Michaux (2006) of California
16. Marc Brown (2007) of California (all courses on lists from 1999-2009)
17. Tom J. Clasby III (2009) of California, completed every course ever ranked in the top 100!
18. Masa Nishijima (date unknown) of Japan
19. Quentin Lutz of Ohio
20. Ralph A. Kennedy (1952) of New York - unofficially *****

* McCoy has completed playing the top 100 twice, including the unreal feat of doing it in 100 days.

** Thompson was a lawyer who represented many golf organizations. He flow his own plane to many courses he played in the U.S.

*** An especially difficult feat for a female golfer given how hard Garden City and The Golf Club are to access

**** Rod actually played all the courses that have ever hosted major championships including the US Open, US Amateur, PGA Championships, Masters, British Open, British Amateur and plus the US venues for the Ryder Cup and Walker Cup

***** Ralph played 3,000 courses between 1910-1952 around the world including many of the world's best. Although there was no ranked list at the time, we give him credit. The original golf fanatic!

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